2024 National Band Championships - Marion City Band, Warriparinga Brass

2024 National Band Championships
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Posted By: Jenny DOE
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Date Posted: Mon, 1 Apr 2024
What a great Easter weekend it has been with the Australian National Band Championships being held in Adelaide.

With two bands performing this weekend it has been huge.  Marion City Band in B grade brass provided an excellent solid performance on stage,  and Warriparinga Brass in C Grade brass were able to hold their own with great style - with half the band performing in their first nationals it was a brilliant play overall and great experience for all the players.

A number of our musicians also assisted across more than one band, supporting in a primary or secondary instrument.  A huge shout of thanks to them also doubling their preparation time coming into this competition.

The full events results are listed via the Nationals Band Championships facebook.  A huge thanks to everyone making this weekend happen, the MDS, the players, the volunteers, the admin behind the scenes, brassbanned.com, sponsors, the organising and logistics that go into running this is huge and hats off to everyone and pat on the back all round.

If you missed anything, or would like to review a performance, head to brassbanned.com where livestream performance recording can be located.   Bands will also (soon) have links for adjudication recording comments.