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We are able to demonstrate some live performance recordings.   Music and Video copyright is complex, so shown are a limited release only, acknowledging composer/arranger credits.      

with thanks to:
Marion City Band Inc -  Warriparinga Brass and Marion City Band (and any associated members)
Jared McCunnie - composer and arranger of Pzazz and Marion, played by our bands! (http://jaredmccunnie.weebly.com/)
BrassBanned.com - access to video footage of live stream performance (https://www.brassbanned.com/)

2018 Marion City Band Live : Pzazz - composed by Jared McCunnie

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Marion Live :

2019 Marion City Band Live at Australian Nationals - street march "Marion"

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2019 Warriparinga Live : Stage March "Marion" (Mt Gambier) - composed by Jared McCunnie

2019 Warriparinga Brass:

2020 Marion City Band - Multiscreen Video Composite

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