2021 Mid Year Update - Heaven Brass, Marion City Band, Warriparinga Brass

2021 Mid Year Update
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Posted By: Jenny DOE
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Date Posted: Mon, 12 Jul 2021

Council Play-out George Street Reserve

The band was excited to support recently at a Council occasion for the re-open of a community playground in Marion.   

A great opportunity to pull out some vintage music and make some fun music.  

We were able to do a bit of filming also of the mornings play, so have a look at our facebook page (and the youtube video link below) to catch us in action.

Band Hall Renovations

Have you seen our band hall recently?  It is a renovation make over in progress.  

Our members are very patiently working around what has become a semi-construction zone (thankfully the works are not in our rehearsal space, during the day, and within the access and meeting areas of our hall).  Given our social distance requirements and covid compliance, we are not spending lots of social time in this space during winter, but we will be very excited once its completed and we have some order back! 

The council is upgrading our amenities facilities and entry to comply with building regulation codes, but in the meantime… we ignore the dust and get on with rehearsals, looking forward to building competition.


We held our April AGM, but as advised through this, we hold a subsequent special agm meeting later this year (now scheduled in late October).     We are doing a once in a band history (hopefully) re-alignment of financials to line with standard July-June accounting period.    Our band was set up over 50 years ago (with a March accounting period, which is not ideal in these electronic times).  A big paperwork and logistics exercise to do this legally and correctly, but a good move forward to help our band management.

Upcoming Events

We are looking forward to being involved in the State Band Competitions, being held in Tanunda in late August this year.    Its been a while between being on stage performing at a competition event but we are hopeful this will take place and starting our preparations in anticipation.  

We are also looking forward to the Hahndorf Festival, which we will be preparing an entertainment set for, being held in October.   

Our training Band HEAVEN BRASS will also be doing a small play at this event.  It is a great day out, so fingers crossed for nice weather and favourable covid times!!