Warriparinga Brass

Warriparinga Brass

Originally, Warriparinga Brass was established as the junior/adult learner band associated with Marion City Band. In 2010, Warriparinga Brass’ successful recruitment swelled Marion City Band’s ranks to the point that the decision was made to establish a second competitive in the D Grade Section. The junior band was then renamed to ‘Warriparinga Youth’ and Warriparinga Brass made its contest debut as an ‘adult’ band that same year.  Warriparinga Brass has continued to improve and develop, and in 2017 progressed to playing in Competetive C Grade Section.

Please check the recruitment page to check for vacancies. Suggested standard is AMEB 2~5.

Recent highlights for Warriparinga Brass include:


  • Participation in annual Bandology Concert for family and friends
  • Performed at South Australian Band Championships: C Grade – 2017
  • Awarded 2nd place (of 8 competing C Grade Brass Band) at the 2017 National Band Championship Launceston, Tasmania

Pre 2017

  • 2016 Awarded 2nd place at the South Australian Band Championships (C Grade)
  • 2016 1st Place: Australian National Band Championships – D Grade
  • 2015 1st Place: South Australian Band Championships – D Grade
  • 2014 1st Place: South Australian Band Championships – D Grade
  • 2014: Warriparinga Brass’ 10th Anniversary
  • 2014:  2nd Place, Australian National Band Championships – D Grade
Category: Brass - Open
Grade: C-Grade
Rehearsal day and time: Wednesday 6-8pm
Rehearsal venue: 48 Dumbarton Terrace Edwardstown, SA

Band Members

<span class="memlist_membername">Brydee Adams</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Damian Adams</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Veronica Boulton</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Sarah Bradley</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Aiden Choi</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">John Connolly</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Ella Cook</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Gypsy Cook</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Douglas Cooke</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Tas Cooke</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Jenny Doe</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Jayden Doe</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Michelle Foo</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Jenny Han</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Emily Legg</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Elizabeth McDonald</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Manon Minck</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Yvette Minck-Jansen</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Alexander Monro</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Benjamin Monro</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">David Monro</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Flynn Nelson</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Michael Nelson</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Fraser Odell</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Harry Ollerenshaw</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Freya Prince</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Kartini Ramly</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Freddy Ramly-Peck</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Bridget Smart</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Georgina Szabo</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">David Vinall</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Alex Wild</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Holly Williams</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Jacob Wu</span>

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