This is who we are

Marion City Band was established in 1969 with support from the City of Marion Council to purchase the first set of instruments and uniforms for students from Mitchell Park Boys’ Technical College to continue their musical education after graduating. This relationship with the City of Marion continues to be a strong component of the bands success, today.

The major turning point in the band’s history came with the appointment of current Musical Director, Veronica Boulton, in August 2004. This appointment proved to be a catalyst for a number of changes in the band, perhaps most significant was the establishment of our then junior band, Warriparinga Brass, following Veronica’s appointment. This period saw a major increase in the bands’ efforts towards fundraising and recruitment which have been essential components in the band’s efforts to create a positive, encouraging and inclusive environment for members of the community to discover and continue to develop their interest in brass bands.

Total Members, 2001

Female Members, 2001

Average Member Age, 2001
Total Members, 2017

Female Members, 2017

Average Member Age, 2017

The Marion City Band Drum Corp is a recent addition to the bands player reportaire.  With many public marching community events on the calendar, the Drum Corps is a welcome addition to help out during marching events and concert spectaculars.   Drum Corps participation is an opportunity for new and existing players to learn snare/tenor drum techniques, and an introduction to drumming generally.

Recent Performances:

2017 Bandology Concert :   September Debut performance

Marion City Band is a B Grade community brass band based in the City of Marion in South Australia. Over the space of 10 years, Marion has progressed from D Grade to the B Grade section at National Level.

Recent highlights for the band include:


  • Participation in annual Bandology Concert for family and friends
  • Achieved 2nd Place in A Grade Brass at South Australian Band Association State Band Championships (noting: no other B Grade bands competing, so as per SABA rulings applied to compete in A grade)
  • Awarded 3rd Place (of 14 Bands –  B Grade Brass) at the 2017 National Band Championships Launceston, Tasmania.

Pre 2017

  • 2016 – Awarded 2nd place at the South Australian Band Championships (A Grade)
  • 2016 – Awarded 1st place at the Blue Lake Band Festival (B Grade)

Originally, Warriparinga Brass was established as the junior/adult learner band associated with Marion City Band. In 2010, Warriparinga Brass’ successful recruitment swelled Marion City Band’s ranks to the point that the decision was made to establish a second competitive in the D Grade Section. The junior band was then renamed to ‘Warriparinga Youth’ and Warriparinga Brass made its contest debut as an ‘adult’ band that same year.  Warriparinga Brass has continued to improve and develop, and in 2017 progressed to playing in Competetive C Grade Section.

Please check the recruitment page to check for vacancies. Suggested standard is AMEB 2~5.

Recent highlights for Warriparinga Brass include:


  • Participation in annual Bandology Concert for family and friends
  • Performed at South Australian Band Championships: C Grade – 2017
  • Awarded 2nd place (of 8 competing C Grade Brass Band) at the 2017 National Band Championship Launceston, Tasmania

Pre 2017

  • 2016 Awarded 2nd place at the South Australian Band Championships (C Grade)
  • 2016 1st Place: Australian National Band Championships – D Grade
  • 2015 1st Place: South Australian Band Championships – D Grade
  • 2014 1st Place: South Australian Band Championships – D Grade
  • 2014: Warriparinga Brass’ 10th Anniversary
  • 2014:  2nd Place, Australian National Band Championships – D Grade

Warriparinga Youth is the junior band of Marion City Band Inc. Its membership is drawn from Marion City Band, Warriparinga Brass and selected players from Heaven Brass. Warriparinga Youth is a fantastic experience for our young players as it is an opportunity for our young players of varying standards to come together and play as a group.

Please check the recruitment page for vacancies. Recommended standard is AMEB 2+.

Recent highlights include:

  • 1st Place: 2014 Australian National Band Championships – Junior B Grade
  • 1st Place: 2013 Australian Nationals Band Championships – Junior C Grade

Heaven Brass is the education program for Marion City Band Inc. Individuals of all ages who have little or no experience playing a brass/percussion instrument are invited to become members.

You can find more information about the Heaven Brass training program on this page.

Recent Highlights

  • 2017: September – Bandology Concert
  • 2017: March – Marion Celebrates Performing Artist
  • 2016: December – Christmas Carols, Marion Primary School
  • 2016: September – Bandology Concert
  • 2015: November – Debut Community Gig
  • 2015: September – Bandology Debut Concert performance
  • 2014: Graduations (December)
  • 2014: Performances at Glandore and Norfolk Estate Christmas Carol events