Education Program: Heaven Brass

Marion City Band commenced its education program in August, 2004 with the establishment of the junior band, Warriparinga Brass. Today, many of the pupils from this first cohort have progressed to become valued members of our senior bands, with some even continuing their studies at the Adelaide University Conservatorium of Music.

At present, the main focus of Marion City Band’s education program is ‘Heaven Brass’:

  • The Heaven Brass education program accepts students of all ages and caters to individuals who have zero or very little experience in playing brass/percussion instruments. While the program is structured towards learning the skills of brass/percussion musicianship, its main focus is instilling an enjoyment for learning in learners.
  • Early stages of the program involve small group and (where possible) individual lessons in order to teach the basics of playing brass and percussion instruments
    • Small group lessons are taught by experienced musicians and are conducted under the supervision of Musical Director, Veronica Boulton, and Heaven Brass Tutors, Christopher McDonald and Emily Legg
    • Once pupils have developed sufficiently to read and play basic music, they progress to the main ‘Heaven Brass’ ensemble where they learn to play achievable music in a music ensemble setting
  • Members of Heaven Brass are usually ready to graduate from Heaven Brass to Warriparinga Brass (one of our senior bands) after a year, but there is no cut off date.
  • We do encourage members of Heaven Brass to continue the process of learning after they graduate to the senior bands by seeking private tuition.

The cost of Heaven Brass tuition and instrument hire is included in the quarterly fees charged by the band. Ensuring that tuition and instrument hire is affordable is a major focus of the band. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact our Musical Director using the details provided below.

Veronica Boulton

Musical Director

: 0412 866 737


: PO Box 78, Oaklands Park  SA 5046