Heaven Brass

Heaven Brass is the education program for Marion City Band Inc. Individuals of all ages who have little or no experience playing a brass/percussion instrument are invited to become members.

The band rehearses on Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 6:30pm during the school.  Tutors are available for individual and group instruction.  

Recent Highlights

  • 2017: September – Bandology Concert
  • 2017: March – Marion Celebrates Performing Artist
  • 2016: December – Christmas Carols, Marion Primary School
  • 2016: September – Bandology Concert
  • 2015: November – Debut Community Gig
  • 2015: September – Bandology Debut Concert performance
  • 2014: Graduations (December)
  • 2014: Performances at Glandore and Norfolk Estate Christmas Carol events
Category: Brass - Junior
Grade: Community
General public contact: Linda Vinall

0412 195 110
Music Director: Veronica Boulton
Rehearsal day and time: Tuesday 5:30- 6:30pm (School terms)
Rehearsal venue: 48 Dumbarton Terrace
Edwardstown, SA

Band Members

<span class="memlist_membername">Angus Adams</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">John Connolly</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Hannah Connolly</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Ella Cook</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Xandra Helbers</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Deberah King</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Libby Miller</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Frank Miller</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">John Murray</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Sebastian Prince</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Kartini Ramly</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Freddy Ramly-Peck</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Scanlon Rowe</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Cuba Rowe</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Theo Sweet</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Darren Sweet</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Sian Watt</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Bec Watt</span>
<span class="memlist_membername">Holly Williams</span>

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